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Creating a basic hardscape element of natural stone or cinder block can greatly alter the look of your residential or commercial property. See how we can assist!

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Welcome to the premier retaining wall structure professionals in Houston, Texas. Regardless of where you reside in our fantastic state, we can assist you with hardscape barrier building, replacement, and restoration. We utilize local building contractors and craftsmen in every city and community in the Lone Star State, from Guerra (population 6) to Houston (population 2.3 million).

Our team is completely licensed, properly insured, and committed to offering you retaining walls that look fantastic, enhance your lawn and yard, halt land eroding, and make better use of sloping landscaping. We provide exceptional professional service for both home and business properties, including housing and apartment building, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, community and government structures, academic institutions, colleges, hotels, country clubs, resorts, and more.

We work with our clients on a personal level to develop gorgeous concepts that will enhance the look and feel of your space for many years ahead. Our No. 1 goal is to install long lasting and strong retaining walls that are appealing visually and functional for your outdoor areas.

Our Texas company had greater than twenty years of expertise in outdoor wall structure building and design. We are happy to go over your aspirations and necessities for a retaining wall structure as soon as possible. Our assessments and estimates are absolutely free and straightforward. Connect with us today to get started.

We install custom outside barriers made of lasting products

Retaining walls provide far more than a basic addition to a home or business landscape. In a lot of cases they are necessary to contain eroding and level out sloped landscapes. We like walls for the charm they bring, however we likewise like them because they help with water drainage and wetness when it storms or during the course of weather modifications.

Wall structure setup typically makes outdoor spaces more secure and are practical in preventing expensive damage to lawn features. In a lot of cases, barriers are built to make new living areas, including patio areas, decks, and steps. Lots of people like to have retention walls around pools, shrubs, driveways, under fences, on steeply graded front and back yards, and between their neighbors.

Depending upon where the wall structure’s intention and where it is to be built, one product might work better than another for your residential or commercial property. We utilize gravity, cantilever, gabion, and anchored wall structure methods to provide sturdiness that will endure for years.

We expertly put together barriers made from concrete blocks, poured cement, wood, bricks, and natural stone, (as described below). It’s up to you. We’re ready to lend a hand.

block retaining wall
stone retention wall
poured concrete wall
brick wall
textured wall

Cement block

Cement blocks are a preferred option for retaining walls. A big appeal is the variety of offered block shapes, textures, colors, and sizes. This series of choices makes it relatively straightforward to style a free-standing wall structure that blends well with most home and yard designs. We can assist you choose colors and styles that pair with your outdoor space.

Concrete block walls these days are advanced systems built for toughness and strength. Blocks are piled on top of each other and secured with interlinking edges, clips, and pins that develop a structure strong sufficient to manage water drainage and water runoff..

The majority of block walls are set up on a compressed crushed rock foundation. This helps the barrier to slightly bend with ground movement and stay strong. Most can be curved, shaped and custom built.

All-natural stone

While blocks might be the most favored product for retaining walls, most concur that stoneworks produce the most appealing outdoor hardscape design. With natural stone, you have several choices that will work nicely with your home and yard..

Designing and building stone and rock walls can be quite a demand and typically requires the ability and expertise of an expert specialist. If you desire a stone wall structure higher than 3 feet, the work of a pro contractor is required to guarantee durability and wall structure sturdiness..

We can assist you install customized walls made of rubble, limestone, textured stone, cut stone and stones. Our designs are versatile and can be curved to fulfill your requirements, design, and budget plan.

Brick and masonry

Barriers made of brick and mortar have been built and utilized for hundreds of years for retention and landscaping functions. Using brickwork for your residential or commercial property yields a beautiful aesthetic that is classic in nature. While the materials are not all natural, brick naturally blends with its surroundings in time.

Brick retaining walls do well in complementing both contemporary and standard architectural designs. Bricks are durable, and tend to last for many years with little to no maintenance.

Poured concrete

A poured cement wall is a staple for new age homes and landscapes. Solid walls provide clean designs and lines. Thanks to their sturdiness, they can be built higher than other wall structure materials and are perfect for terrains with steeper slopes.

Poured concrete has dynamic versatility and can be molded into any shape or design you wish. Various colors can likewise be applied to the product to produce a creative design that is unique to your design

Wood, timber, and planks

Wood walls aren’t as favored as they were 15-20 years ago, however they still match well with yards and homes that feature rustic components like stained wood and stone, along with plant life). Wood graining and texture are warm and visually familiar, making it an exceptional option when wall structure aesthetics are essential to your design.

Timber planks, and railroad tie materials are suitable options for smaller budget plans. They are usually built upon crushed rock beds and attached with lengthy spikes and nails.

Our team of dedicated contractors customize and construct retaining walls that meet your needs and budget. 

Customer testimonials

"We had a terrific experience with Texas Retaining Walls. They did a great job replacing our wall that was old, worn down and damaged. They took care of all the planning and design, including the engineering and site plans. Their crew team was very professional and experienced. They took carefully removed the existing wall and installed concrete masonry retaining walls that are much more attractive."
jody havens
Jody Havens
"You will not find better quality work in the Dallas-Forth Worth region than Texas Retaining Walls. Over the last handful of years, they have helped us install three stone walls that have made our property much more attractive. What sets them apart It is their careful attention to detail. They have an outstanding crew that know what they are doing. You will be thrilled with their craftsmanship and professionalism."
Francisco Gomes
Francisco Gomes
This is one of the best companies we have ever worked with for home service projects. When it comes to retaining walls for landscape, we wouldn't think of doing business with any other service in our area. We are very happy with the block concrete wall they built in our backyard. It is a great touch for our patio and garden areas. We love it, and we are thankful for their dedicated team of specialists."
Elizabeth Noyes

Our detailed construction process

Sure, you can get together some family and friends, run over to Lowe’s or Home Depot, purchase the required materials, and attempt to build a retaining by yourself. If you are skilled, you might even create a beautiful and strong wall structure. If you are unsure what you are undertaking, you are equally as probable to end up with a catastrophe of a wall that fails at what you require it to accomplish.

Relax, relax, and let our crew assist you. Retaining wall structure design and building is most effective when performed by experts who work through the steps below properly. With our aid, your wall structure will require only very little maintenance and repairs in the future.

1. Construct a foundation: Natural stone, wood, blocks and cement must be planted at a correct depth below ground surface as established by the height of the wall structure. A strong base is required for the wall structure to last long and operate as planned.

2. Backfill compaction: For a retaining wall structure to work the way you desire it, it needs to have strong soil behind it. We refer to this soil backfill. Our experts determine the correct quantity of fill for appropriate water drainage and to maintain the integrity of the wall.

3. Drain design: Wetness can not move through a retaining wall structure by natural means. Hence, drainage channels need to be incorporated into the design. These channels (usually installed pipelines or drilling small-sized holes) help prevent damage, including cracks and bulges.

4. Wall structure height: How much weight a wall can endure has direct correlation with its height. The majority of retention structures are 3-4 feet high and require no supports. If you want to go higher, we can develop and build walls utilizing cantilevered and other engineering methods.

Why select our retaining wall structure building, repair work and restoration services

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When it pertains to employing retaining wall structure professionals in Houston, Texas, and Harris County, we know you have numerous choices. Some of our competitors do great work and have decent enough evaluations on Facebook, Google, HomeAdvisor, Yelp, Angie’s List and Manta. So why team with us? Here’s 5 excellent reasons:

1. Experience: For years, our company has provided the best quality {hardscaping workmanship to property owners.

2. Cost: Not just do we assure superior workmanship, we provide our services at prices and rates that are inexpensive and economical.

3. Personal touch: Prior to anything at all, our crew meets with you one-on-one to help you select the very best kind of retaining wall structure design for your residential or commercial property.

4. Knowledge: We assess the range and height of your wall structure to determine the perfect materials for visual appearance and functional value.

5. Friendly: Our crew members are respectful, polite, and friendly. You might like them so much that you will invite them to stay for dinner shortly after the job is completed.

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